JoJo and Dirty David in the press

We are jojo and dirtydavid. we are a swinging couple in an open relationship. we do not hide our swinging. We are not adverse to press coverage of our swinging activities, as long as the reports are:

  • Factual
  • Honest
  • Balanced
  • Non sensational

We openly talk to researchers for TV programs so that they are given an honest view of what swinging is about and what really happens at clubs and parties. We feel this is much better than their having to think up scenarios which could further tarnish the reputation of swinging.

Since the summer of 2000 we have been in several publications and TV programmes from choice, and in some (News of the World - happily now defunct) because they need to sensationalize sex in order to sell their rags.

Jo appeared solo in:

  • Best Magazine June 3rd 2003

David appeared solo in:

  • PC Format Magazine January 2003
  • News of the World June 30th 2003
  • Time Out Magazine January 2001
  • Digital sex in Autumn 2000

We appeared together in:

  • Real Swingers - Channel 5 October 2005
  • Tabboo - Carlton TV February 27th 2004
  • the New Queens of Porn - BBC2 November 2nd 2003
  • Marie Claire Magazine August 2003
  • Pleasure Seekers June 12th 2003
  • Arena Magazine January 2003
  • the Sunday Express June 30th 2002
  • the News of the World June 9th 2002 (the only truth in this story is that the people were there!)
  • 5 films for the adult channel recorded 2001 repeated every few months
  • We have also recorded another programme for Channel 4 but do not have a date for transmission.
  • Female Focus magazine Jan 2008
  • A programme about Swinging for the Spanish TV channel LaSexta broadcast November 2009
  • La Calle - A program on Spanish TV Channel Cuatro in November 2011

We have turned down the Trisha and Kilroy shows on several occasions and will continue to do so. Our reasons for this are:

  • We do not feel that day time TV is the place to discuss sexual activities due to the large number of children watching.
  • these programmes are always edited to reflect the topic of that days programme - they will cut all valid argument that does not match their chosen agenda for the day.
  • the programmes are not a forum for open debate. they decide before the guests are invited which side of any debate will be presented as reasonable and which presented as extreme.
  • We always insist that any interviews we give or recordings we make may only be used in articles that present swinging in a balanced way.

We regularly help TV companies and magazines find people to interview for their programs about alternative adult lifestyles.

We are willing to give interviews to any publication or programme that is going to show swinging in a positive or balanced way. We want to work with other high profile swingers to scrape away the seedy reputation the lifestyle has acquired through the un-educated reportage in the past.

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