Swingers Contact Etiquette

As many of you are new to the swinging scene, it has been suggested that perhaps some guidance on contact etiquette would be useful.


  • Please respond to all e-mails you receive from respondents.
  • Most of them will have spent time plucking up courage to write to you, and time thinking of the right thing to say to get you to notice them.
  • It does not need to be a long letter, a short note saying something along the lines of "thank you for your response, but you do not match what I am currently looking for, better luck next time" will at least let the respondent know they have failed. I know that I for one check my mail eagerly after I send every response, hoping that someone has written back to me.
  • If you are an escort advertising for business please advertise only in the escort section. If you are an escort advertising for play friends please use a different e-mail address from that used for your business. If I am made aware of people being asked for payment when responding to ads outside the escort area I will delete the ad.


  • Always be polite.
  • Tell the advertiser what you like about their ad.
  • Tell them how you think you will meet their requirements.
  • If you enclose a picture show your face - most people like to see the person, rather than a piece of genitalia. If they like the look of you, they will then ask for another picture, a nude one if they want it. (some people do want nude pictures from the start, but they will usually say so in their ad).
  • Keep the language clean, match your response to the ad. Don't go straight in with a hardcore letter.
  • If you are turned down by an advertiser, don't keep contacting them - you are not going to make any friends by being a nuisance or abusive. Just move on to the next advertiser.
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